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Prague Fashion Market 27-28 June

Prague Fashion Market 27-28 June

Today's current post is from: June 10, 2015

The Prague Fashion Market will be held outdoors for the first time at the Smнchovskб nбplavka. We sold trousers and shorts there years ago at Code Mode and it will be great to go back! I will bring my tent, all the trousers and shorts I have and a cabin for you try things on. Come out and start the summer with fashion from local designers made here in Prague.

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Petr Jeћek says:

Hello, I would like to buy your trousers - Type 2, 09Marek. My measurements are: Step1: 102cm, Step2: 108cm, Step3: 55cm, Step4: 75cm, Step5: 103cm. Please, let me know, if it is possible on the e-mail address
Thank you!

Posted on: Wednesday July 12 2017

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