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EUCQ-C (CEL) May 23+24, 2015 Šardice

News - April 3rd

Come to the Czech Republic for your team's first step towards the 2014 European Ultimate Championship Finals in Frankfurt!

The Flying Ultimate Junta (FUJ) is again cooperating with The Česká Asociace Létajícího Disku (ČALD) to host the Central European League's (CEL) Regional Qualifier (EUCQ-C).

If your team is from The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia or Croatia, this is your chance to qualify and advance to the Regional Tournament (EUCR-E) of the European Ultimate Championship Series (EUCS). We invite 16 open and 8 Women teams of all experience levels to reach for higher levels of play amongst our section's best ultimate clubs in a highly competitive and EUCS sanctioned event. The tournament organisation will be very similar to last year with similar prices and offerings. Please join us and bring along your best spirit for a weekend of fun and excitement in beautiful southern Moravia.

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