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EUCQ-C (CEL) May 23+24, 2015 Šardice




There will be space for tents near BUT NOT ON the playing fields. This means if there is NOT a fence between you and the playing field, build your tent somewhere else. THANKS!

Wine Cellars

Our tournament is right in the middle of popular wine producing region. Each owner of the wine cellars round our tournament venue has accommodation to offer. If you give them a call, they will happily tell you their price. I stayed with them last year and it was great! They are a good deal and always comfortable. You can even arrange for a wine tasting with your team in their cellar. We can help you contact them. Just email me your non-refundable request.
  • Josef Novotný tel: +420 723423945
  • Varmuža tel: +420 728367158
  • Nešpor tel: +420 603332416
  • , email:, web: (in Czech)
  • Profota tel: +420 722775426
  • Zvědělík tel: +420 736546332
  • Šimečková tel: +420 603710841
  • Karlík tel: +420 608822364, email:, web: (in Czech)
  • Fibinger tel: +420 775624630
  • Petulová tel: +420 737138784

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