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Prague Fashion Market 27-28 June

Wednesday June 10 2015

DyzajnMarket 30-31May

Sunday May 24 2015

Freedom, Responsibility and Pants

Summer Vacation: Time for Consumer Activism

Posted on: Thursday July 19 2012

Summer Vacation: Time for Consumer Activism

I hope someone at Key Bank is reading their customer comments today. But in case they are not I'm posting this in hopes that it inspires other to spend a smidgen of their free time to communicate with their banks. I received an email this morning from my bank telling me about their new email program to "better understand my money, manage it, and most importantly, accumulate it." To Key Bank's credit the email included a link to unsubscribe from their financial tips, news and resource spam. Upon unsubscribing, they asked me for my reasons. On this particular morning I felt obliged to explain.

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Home imporvments

Posted on: Saturday July 14 2012

Home imporvments

Here is a short video tour of the latest improvements to our flat. Since EJ will be crawling soon we need to make some changes at home. Our friends and family helped us to buy, build and install. All the new stuff you can see in the video. The video itself is just a tiny way we can thank you for all your help and support with this project. Enjoy!

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be:šik Fashion Market at Prague's Žluté lázně 30. 6. 2012

Posted on: Friday June 29 2012

be:šik Fashion Market at Prague

be:šik is a cultural event bringing together Czech designers of fashion, jewelery, culture, entertainment, and music. The main objective is to promote the originality of the individual and meet the design-hungry community of Prague at a fun summer venue. This is my first fashion market in about half a year. I took some time off from promoting my clothing to help with little Evelina. Now I have some new designs and plenty of shorts for the summer. I hope to find some new clients and see some old friends as well.

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Evelina Weeks 24-26

Posted on: Monday June 25 2012

Evelina Weeks 24-26

Evelina's appearance has changed quite a bit recently as her new hair has grown in. She has always had hair from birth but much of that has rubbed off or fallen away. Now she has a new shorter and thicker coat of baby hair. It is still quite light in color and even has an interesting orange glow when the light is right. Like all parents we think our daughter is very beautiful.

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Evelina Weeks 21-22

Posted on: Friday June 01 2012

Evelina Weeks 21-22

Of course there is no way for any child to know how deeply and permanently they change their parent's lives when they arrive. Katka's life has changed most drastically as my teaching at ISP has been held constant. How I manage my time away from school has certainly changed a lot but I do basically all the same stuff I used to. And my first child hasn't yet effected my orientation of my life. I still hold all the same goals for myself as I did before Evelina. This is a little surprising to me as other fathers have commented on how totally their lives were effected by their kids. I suppose there is still plenty of time for that to happen in my case.

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