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Freedom, Responsibility and Pants

Evelina Jolana Heilmann is Born

Posted on: Friday December 30 2011

Evelina Jolana Heilmann is Born

Its amazing how someone that changes your entire existence so profoundly can also integrate so seamlessly into your life. I feel as if something tremendously momentous has occurred and everything is perfectly normal. She is a huge change for Katka and the most natural change that has ever happened to us. Life is the same but richer and more intense. We are so happy you are hear Evelina!

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New e-shop Test Version

Posted on: Saturday December 24 2011

New e-shop Test  Version

I am very proud to put up a primitive test version of an e-shop for my clothing today. Please click around. Functionality is still quite limited but if you find any broken links or browser rendering problems feel free to leave me a message in the comments below.

I am proud today not only because I am spending my winter holiday computing and at last have a little something to show for it. Today GoDaddy says it no-longer supports SOPA. If this means something to you, good on yea! If not, please read on.

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Spring10 Jackets and Trousers

Posted on: Monday April 19 2010

Spring10 Jackets and Trousers

I kept myself busy most of the winter preparing for the Code:Mode Free Fashion Weekend on April 9-11 in Prague. I was able to complete two entirely new designs. The jacket had been in the prototype stages for years but I finally created something that satisfies my needs for aesthetics and functionality. The Trousers in this collection have excellent pockets and made from lighter yet durable materials. They are also perfect for the warmer spring weather.

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Martin Mraz Code:Mode Photos

Posted on: Wednesday April 14 2010

Martin Mraz Code:Mode Photos

Here is a sneak peak at one of my new jackets that I made for Code:Mode. I met Martin Mraz through his work for the Prague Monitor. He helps me fill this website with content by shooting clothing in his home studio.

I hope to post more thorough documentation of the new jackets here early next week.

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Code:Mode 2010 Success

Posted on: Monday April 12 2010

Code:Mode 2010 Success

Prague Free Fashion Weekend 2010 skončil. Děkuji organizátorům a všem, kteří se přišli podívat na mé oblečení, vzali si vizitku nebo rovnou něco objednali. Zájem byl letos mnohem větší než loni, z čehož mám velkou radost. Následujících pár týdnů se budu pěkně otáčet, abych dodal zboží zákazníkům z Code:Mode.

Thank you everyone for making Code Mode 2010 such a great success for all! I have got tons of work to do now and I already have visions for 2011.

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