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American Grandparents in Prague!


My Mom and Pa were lucky enough to come to Prague for ten days. My mom works at my old high school in Syracuse and strangely they have the exact same brakes as we do at the International School of Prague. This worked out perfectly so that we could all spend time enjoying Evelina while she is still so tiny.


A little game I play with Evelina is to sit her on the sofa and let her fall over. Then I roll her over and sit her back up. I am sure someone somewhere will tell me this is bad for her. But she seems to like it and so do I.


It was good timing that Evelina was actually able to see Grandma and Grandpa. She gave them a few smiles that were more than worth the long journey over an ocean. I also think that most of the time Evelina is board. It is clear to me that she is always very interested in anyone new.


This is where Evelina spends a lot of her time. She sleeps in this crib next to our bed in the bedroom. Interestingly, for some Americans this is the common practice here. I speculate that it is simply because most families raise children in quite modestly sized flats at least in comparison to typical American family dwelling.


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