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EJ and AJ


Living so far from home makes me really appreciate the fact that my sister and I still live on the same continent. It was great to have Ashley back to help with Evelina. I am certain now that if Evelina is ever unhappy and she is well fed and rested then it is only because she is board. She loves new faces and especially ones so similar to her own. We were grateful to have AJ with us again.


While AJ was here, EJ went on her first trip outside Prague to the Loučeň chateau while I was away at a Frisbee tournament. As usual Evelina was on her best behavior.


Almost everywhere you go in the Czech Republic a Hospoda with tasty food and beer is waiting for you at the town/village/city center. It is also a heck of a lot easier to eat at a restaurant with Evelina and extra set of hands than only your own.


People have said that Evelina looks like both Katka and I. But the person that they most often attribute her looks is my sister. I let you can be the judge of that.


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