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Evelina Hospital Visit


Hey look! It is our very own family. These photos are from Apolinar Birth Hospital in Prague. While Katka and Evelina were recovering and learning how to live alone they had visitors from the family. This set of photos is mainly about those visits. Looking at this photo makes me think Evelina is bound to have glasses someday.


Here she is looking quite awake. In the super close up you can see the tiny white dots on the side of her nose that will eventually disappear. She also still has the long fingernails she grew while still inside Katka. Those will go eventually as well.



Evelina has a Czech grandmother Jana, left. She also has a Czech grandfather Mirek, top right. And a Czech aunt, Jitka, the sister of her grandfather, bottom right.


Holding my own newborn was easier and a more beautiful experience than I ever could have imagined. There really is nothing to compare to the notion that a human life is somehow yours and can never belong anyone else in that special way. It feels as if Evelina is the first thing in my life that is really truly mine.


Sweet Dreams

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