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Evelina Weeks 10-11


Katka takes Evelina out whenever she has an excuse. The winter weather is slowly fading and she took Evelina to her first Ultimate practice up on Ladronka. Those two have visited this park on many occasions already. We are lucky to live close to many excellent Prague parks. Today was a good day for her because she got to meet some new friendly faces from the FUJ team.


This trip outside I considered to be special because Evelina touched the Earth for the first time. She was interested but understandingly unimpressed. Nothing really phases you when the world is unfolding itself for your for the the very first time again and again everyday. I mean we could walk out of our flat onto the surface of the moon she wouldn't think much beyond the strange weather we are having.


In preparation for her trips outside Evelina usually gets some face cream to protect her from the biting winter winds. As first she wasn't too keen on this ritual. But as I am learning Katka can make almost anything a fun little game. What an amazing mommy!


We are also lucky to have a lot of close friends in Prague with babies as well. Here you can see Evelina visiting baby Rubin. Evelina is still pretty chill and especially around new people she falls into the silent observer trying so hard to make sense of it all. We can see in our friends older kids that this will all change with time.


Things are still a pretty sterile brown outside but the breeze blows warm and Evelina's first spring is on the way.


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