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Evelina Weeks 12-13


I was told that growth and development came in spurts. Well it seems Evelina finally figured out that she can interact with the world around her. She went from a passive observer to an active yet stationary explorer; she flails and swats her tiny arms at anything she thinks she might be able to hit. Finally this mountain of toys we have collected from our friends is coming into use.


She still prefers to spend most of her time on her back. We roll her over for tummy time but it is only a minute or two before she is complaining with her face firmly planted in the blanket below.


Smiles are coming more frequently too. Not sure if this is because K and I are suddenly better parents or life simply more fun when you know you can interact with the world around you. Or maybe its because I shaved off my beard.


There was something else that happened to Evelina recently. This is a bit harder to explain but when we look at each other I get the feeling that she is consciously aware of what is going on in a fundamentally different way. Even for someone who studied child development from a cognitive perspective I am still at a loss to explain these observations. Regardless of the explanation it is a thrill as a parent to, in a way, suddenly meet your baby for the first time.


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