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Evelina Weeks 14-15


Here is Evelina getting ready for her first wedding. It was a great opportunity to dress her up in our finest hand me downs. You can see the sweet shoes made by one of my colleagues at school. She has never really liked getting dressed all that much. I guess it is the scratching of the fabric against her skin. But after she gets over that tiny trauma she is back to her usual amiable self.


The wedding was for more friends from ISP. Steve and Lenka finally got hitched up in Dejvicka. We are lucky to have so many friends wanting to make kid friendly events for all.


It was great to see Amy and Steven. Amy was a band teacher at ISP and the leader of the Brass Falcons (our ragtime brass band). Sadly the band has broken up with three of its members free time soaked up by new babies. Amy will be moving back to the states soon and so we were lucky to see them again before they left.


Evelina is fully immersed in the must taste everything phase. I used to worry about her sucking on dirty germ covered carcinogenic objects and now my prevailing sentiment is 'if she can't choke on it, I'm sure it's just fine'.


Her toys cat get pretty old quick. I think we have enough to keep them on a rotation to ensure maximum novelty. Luckily for us the weather is slowly warming up and so we should be able to spend even more time outside.


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