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Evelina Weeks 16-17


I'm really envious of all the time that Katka gets to spend with Evelina while I'm at school. Lately, I've been trying to get in shape to play Ultimate in the Czech League tournament with an eye on the finals. This means on the days I go to practice with the team, the only time I have with Evelina is early in the morning before school while I eat my breakfast.


I knew that EJ would make me prune down my commitments outside the family. But I didn't expect that she would change the way I experienced participating in those outside commitments. Often I find myself being critical of those organizing the events I give up on EJ to join. I think to myself, I could be home with Evelina and having more fun than this. At the same time I know I need to keep up these links to the world outside our family. In the end this is what will help keep us all sane.


Of, course I get my fill of EJ on the weekends. On this fine day we take a trip to the famous Czech hill Rip, the home of the first Czechs.


Here are my excellent friends Dave, Sophie, Edi and Ruben on the right. You can see Rip behind Dave.


Behind Evelina you can see Ruben's father Bryn and his mother, Katie is with him on the right.


In case you weren't sure, Evelina has blue eyes.


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