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Evelina Weeks 2-3


So at this point feedings have become more regular and I've been developing 101 ways to help and infant fall asleep. To our pleasant surprise Evelina only wakes up once or twice a night. She will even sleep for five or six hours strait. People all say that it will not last. Either way we are enjoying the peaceful nights while they are in style.


Evelina does spend the vast majority of her time sleeping. During the day she is awake at times and is content looking around the flat trying to make sense of it all. However, in the evening hours between 6 and 12pm she is rarely in a good mood. If your not carrying her around the flat she is most likely crying.


We do take her out for a walk nearly everyday. She screeches full eagle when we dress her to go outside but is fast asleep as soon as the stroller starts moving. Yes, I made my trousers. You can get yourself a pair made to measure here.


It really is hard to imagine what she sees and thinks about the world. This is one of her favorite places, the changing mat. We figure it is because she invariably gets fed soon after a change.


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