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Evelina Weeks 4-5


So Evelina put on 500grams in two weeks. And if you do the math, that means she is going to be a 100Kg in only four years. Which will be great because she will be able to go out and get a job. And its a good thing too because we will definitely be broke from the food bills.


I have just started to get my head around the number of diapers we are going to go through by the time this project is done. It is not a pretty thought.


I also understand now how great it is to have a few extra days away from work to be at home. Katka is so great with Evelina. I guess I never expected her to take so well to the task of caring for an infant. She does it with real grace and inspiration. I'm not around all day everyday but I sure am glad Katka is. I'm so grateful that we have the resources to do this.


Evelina is definitely taking it all in and her ability to actively attend to differences in her visual field has really grown. The place where the curtains meet the ceiling is especially appealing these days. She has also been fascinated by one of my computer speakers especially when it plays her favorite song Finn Bikkjen by Casiokids.


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