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Spring Dyzajn Market Success


It took me a little time to figure out how to fit my new taller stand into the Dyzajn Market tent. Maybe someday we will have our own tent at this event.


It was a beautifully warm spring day which allowed people to try on the trousers and place orders. Here you can see me recording a client's choice of colors. Of course I also take measurements and keep them on file for future orders as well.


I don't have a huge collection of ready to wear clothing. However, some clients happily find something that fits perfectly and walk away from the market with a brand new pair of my trousers.

People are often surprised to hear that my trousers made to order are the same price as those you can buy off the rack. In reality it costs me more money and is more work to make ready to ware clothing than made to order. I have to invest my own money the the production of ready-to-wear and then move it to the markets, store it, and take the risk that they don't fit or appeal to anyone. The only way to do this on a large scale is to borrow money. The interest on that loan would increase the price of ready-to-wear even further.

When my clients place an order they pay a deposit of half the price of the final cost. This money covers about 60% - 80% of the production costs and I don't have to pay for borrowed money. This is just one of the ways I am able to produce excellent clothing, made to order, and great prices. Win Win!


It was a very busy day but I did have the chance to enjoy a little time with EJ. Check out her coveralls! We included these kids trousers in the collection for sale and order for the first time this weekend. It added to the OVERALL success of the weekend! Dancing days are hear again!!



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