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TechArtisan Trousers Part 2


These Spring TechArtisan trousers are made of loosely woven linen and are ideal for warmer weather. The open weave has excellent breathability and the long linen fibers pull moisture away from the skin. Linen also tends to hold its shape and does not collapse to your body leaving a comfortable space for air circulation between you and your clothing.


The rounded shapes on the outside of the legs are a synthetic fabric. They lend the classic linen look an added element of sophistication. This synthetic fabric is also extremely soft to the touch and gives the garment a more supple feel. The knees and seat are made of more tightly woven linen for greater strength and durability.


These are a slightly different version of my Light Blue pair of TechArtisans. The stripe material is again viscose but with the wave pattern manufactured here in Czech Republic. Comparing these two can give you an idea about the simplest way to customize GroundControl trousers. I invite you to stop by my flat to choose your own unique color combination.


The blue shell fabric is made of tough cotton canvas tenting material. The knees and seat are made from thicker cotton weave. This heavy weave comes from a Moravian manufacturer called Svitap. Some units of their business have been making a variety of textiles for over 150 years. I am proud to be a part of this Czech tradition.


TechArtisan trousers are truly multifunctional. I wanted to fulfill the basic functionality of a typical pair of army surplus cargo pants and add my pocket design in increase agility and security. TechArtisans also give people the opportunity to support local business and disassociate their style from militarization.


These Forest pair of TechArtisans are very similar to the Jason pair featured in a previous essay. The only difference is the triangular shape on the hip. This pair has a subtly colored but heavily textured brown fabric. Jason TechArtisans have a more complex pattern suggesting a Czech flag.


Here are a pair of TechArtisans that loosely resemble the UltimateTrousers shown in a previous essay. They make use of lighter fabrics on the inner and outer legs including supple synthetic rounded white shapes. The seat and knees are made from the sturdy cotton from Svitap. Again you can see the use of the viscose wave pattern stripe from Kolovrat.

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