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This post is from: December 30, 2008

Katka and Nathan Heilmann

As you may know, Katka and I are Married!

Yes, the suit is my design and Katka has a dress fromIva Belikova. It took Iva’s expertise to actually make my jacket design happen but of course I take credit for the pants. My good friendKurt Viniontook the very professional photos. Check out his other work on hiswedding blog. We had a great time thanks to all our friends who helped make it happen. You can see more wedding pictures fromKurt, my dad,PetraandAlex. If you have pictures to add, email me a link and I will add it here. But first, check out the captioned album I created of the day’s events!

This post is from: February 20, 2008

A new design

A new design you may have not seen

Here is a design I developed last fall and have sold mostly to Ultimate players at tournaments earlier this winter. I’m calling them UltimateTrousers for now. Here you can see the prototype I made for myself. You will not find them in the online shop but you can contact me directly via email if you want to place an order. I need your measurements so if you are interested, you will need to go to the measurements page of the shop or set up a meeting with me in person to place an order. You can see more pictures in the full version of this post.

This post is from: February 1, 2008

Do your job NOW and protect my 4th Aemendment rights

I like my Fourth Amendment rights

This photo is my contribution to an effort byEFF.organd Stopthespying.orgto remind lawmakers how real Americans feel about their privacy rights. Senators are currently debating spying on citizens in the US and determining if some 40 civil lawsuits currently in courts throughout the nation, will be allowed to proceed. The lawsuits allege that Telecoms like AT&T gave agencies like the NSA unfettered access to nearly all of its customer's transmissions since 9/11. You can see contributions from other concerned citizens in thisFlicker album.

This post is from: January 28, 2008

When I’m not making pants I like to compute

I want better connections to my friends, family, clients and other like minded people.

My friends and family have been dispersed widely over the globe and I don’t expect this trend to reverse. Its hard for me to stay in touch but not for a lack of desire. I have my design work that is always changing and a lot thoughts and concerns about how life is working out for us all. I’m hoping this blog type of addition to my clothing website will establish better connections between me and important people from the past and maybe even find new likeminded people that are important to my future.

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