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All of the clothes you see here are my original designs. You can order custom pieces from me directly by email, or by clicking on Pay Pal buttons. I will happily ship items to clients anywhere in the world. Each piece is custom made to your measurements by sewers in Prague. If you are in Prague or planning a visit to Prague, contact me so that we can meet. I will take your measurements and you can choose to construct your clothing from an array of fabric samples. If you want to order from home you can find instructions on how to take your measurements in the measurements section. Find an item on this site that you would like for me to make and click to buy now with Pay Pal. If you want something completely custom contact me by email.

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StageWorkers are the exemplary GroundControl product: durable materials, sturdy stitching, and a killer design that is relaxed and casual yet impressively detailed. Inimitable upper and lower pocket systems keep your electronics and stuff safe and handy without compromising style or comfort. The highly functional result gives you a sophisticated confidence ready to rock any corporate brand off the streets.

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I have time for personal customer service and look forward to helping you get perfect fitting custom clothes.

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GroundControl is a Transparent Brand?

The concept behind GroundControl clothing is to reconnect you to the production of the products you buy. My long term goal is to help empower you as a consumer to promote your interests. As an individual you shape they way business is done around the world every time you spend money on one product and not another. I want to give you the opportunity to choose clothes based on more then just the superficial aspects of brand that most corporate marketers want you to think about.

The dawn of global consciousness is upon us and we are becoming aware of the crucial roll we play as consumers in shaping a world dominated by massive multinational corporations. I believe the clothes you wear should reflect any concern you have for the social and environmental sustainability of your local and global community. With a conspicuously unique look and small scale production GroundControl clothing demonstrates the control you have over your world rather than your tacit support for irresponsible corporate bullying.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, in a globalized economy rife with social and environmental abuses, you are either an anonymous part of the problem or a unique part of the solution. Take a look around and see how good individuality can be.

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