StageWorkers are a steal at 90 $ US

The cost of material for one pair of StageWorkers averages 35$. Production costs are another 35$. So I get 20$ profit for the three hours that it takes for me to make a personalized pattern from your measurements and then cut the fabric. Of coarse I’m not counting the time I spend riding my bike around Prague gathering materials, moving product between sewers, and posting deliveries. I also spend time developing/daydreaming about new products but I’m not really considering any of that work at the moment because it is fun anyway. So why aren’t I charging more? Because, I want to get my product out there and I want you to be seen wearing a pair of my pants. At this point exposing my creations to potential clients is worth much more than cash in my pocket. So now is a good time to order yourself some sweet custom designer pants while they are still at the promotional price. PayPal is the best way to order and pay if you live outside the Czech Republic. For new buyers, signing up for a PayPal account is optional. This means you can complete your payments first, and then decide whether to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases.

What are StageWorkers made from?

We use four kinds of material: the stripe, tirm, shell and pocket backing. Look at the picture at right and click to see an enlargement. The trim and pocket backing is currently bought in retail stores here in Prague and has a variety of origins. Most of the shell material was manufactured and dyed by my friends at Svitap in Svitavy, Czech Republic from cotton fibers. Their product is tough, strong, and durable. Like most things made from cotton they gain personality with age and I have been very happy with their product. Most of the stripe material I had made to order by my friends at Kolovrat near Tabor, Czech Republic from synthetic fibers. They really do amazing work and the synthetic fibers that show such great detail do not break down and keep the contrasts sharp. I want to buy material for your pants from Svitap and Kolovrat for reasons beyond the superiority of their products. I have personally checked out their factories and was pleased with their working conditions, they are good people, and they need the business. If for some reason you are interested in buying fabric from these guys let me know and maybe we can order together in bulk.

Are there other colors to choose from?

This business has grown out of making pant for myself and then for my friends. In those good old days my ‘clients’ gave me a lot of creative control. They would give me a color and how avant-garde or conventional they wanted their pants to be and I would basically do the rest. Now, I encourage you to order an exact replica of any of the pants you see on this site as it is the fastest and cheapest way to get yourself these killer pants. However, you are not limited to this selection. You can use the pants you see on this site as a guide to what is possible. I mean, if you want some StageWorkers made out of black rubber and purple fur I can do that (although I can’t recommend that combination out of concern for potentially dangerous static electricity situations). Basically, I am more than willing to communicate about what you want so that you will be satisfied in the end. I don’t know how long this service will last but as for now I’m all ears.

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